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Business Meeting throught the Window

Meet The Team


David provides the backbone to our team and his characteristic and understanding approach brings a friendly face to the often unpleasant side of Insolvency.


He is at the forefront of Business Paramedics dealing with the most difficult situation quickly and efficiently.


Having had nearly 40 years experience, knowing what to do and when to do it is David’s overriding strength enabling him to take pressures and problems away whilst putting into place quick and strong recovery actions.


Paul takes over from where David leaves off. With nearly 40 years in the legal profession, he is the Legal Eye of the Team, always looking for new ways to create the ideal future for our clients however difficult the past.


Paul gives major priorities to strategy, planning, finance and performance and he utilises his wealth of experience to ensure action and results are delivered in a positive and creative manner.


Jordan has a wealth of skills and knowledge gained in a variety of business sectors and is dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of operations in both procedures and quality control. Jordan combines an accessible and professional manner with a strategic oversight ensuring all demands are not just met but surpassed with excellence.


Annabelle has become a cornerstone of our team, renowned for her exceptional skill in navigating through challenging situations with grace and professionalism. Her approach is characterised by a blend of expertise, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to delivering outcomes that align with our clients' best interests.


Maisy is a vital member of the team specialising in providing innovative solutions. With a background that blends rigorous training and hands-on experience, Maisy approaches each case with a fresh perspective and a commitment to understanding the unique needs of our clients. 


Jade brings exceptional organisational skills and a keen eye for detail. She plays a crucial part in our internal operations, ensuring seamless administrative processes and supporting the team with her reliable and efficient approach. Jade's dedication and professional manner make her an indispensable member of our team, consistently contributing to our smooth and effective functioning.

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